FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty

FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty

FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty are very important issues. If you’re considering about this surgery, learn more about the procedure and find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.

FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty, does Dr. Vitasna perform this procedure regularly?

  • FAQs about Labia Minora PlastyIndeed, in our Hospital, we get clients travel in from around the globe, aside from the local clients and so we continually perform Labiaplasty every single week.

What is the difference between an OB-GYN and a Plastic Surgeon to perform Labia Minora Plasty?

  • Gynecologists ought to understand the female sexual anatomy and function. Not all cosmetic surgeons have the same amount of knowledge and experience with this complex operation. While a surgeon may have a reputation for the best nose jobs in the city, it does not mean that he or she is an expert in vaginal surgery.

FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty, why should I choose Dr. Vitasna over others?

  • Dr. Vitasna is highly trained in the field of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, having been taught by the renowned Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, MD, PhD, in St. Petersburg, Florida. And Dr. David Matlock in the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR ®) Institute of America in Beverly Hills, California. She is also a board certified OB-GYN.
  • With more than 33 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) and 23 years in Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology, Urogynecology and Reconstructive Vaginal surgery. Dr. Vitasna can help and provide solutions to a number of women’s sexual health problems. With over 10,000 cases, you can be sure that she has the skills and the knowledge about the surgery.
  • As essential as training is, Dr. Vitasna is easy to speak with as well as she is without a doubt aware of what your wants and needs may be. In addition, she provides an appropriate private environment, as does her staff.–We look after you, along with your wants and needs.

What precisely will come about in the course of the consultation for Labia Minora Plasty?

  • When you communicate with us by email or perhaps by telephone, an appointment will likely be made for an undisclosed labiaplasty consultation.
  • You will then be entrusted a personal patient coordinator whose primary function is to make sure that your consultation goes well. Sets up a schedule, and prepares all of your paper work (consent forms and doctor’s orders). She is going to introduce you to Dr. Vitasna and even be available during the duration of the consultation; providing you written information, before and after Labiaplasty photographs, among others. She will be able to assist in financial arrangements as well.
  • You certainly will speak to Dr. Vitasna who will review along with you all of the Labiaplasty facts and information you may need as well as alternatives. You should be provided with quotes for cost, and your scheduling instruction.
  • This can be done through the online consultation or perhaps by email messages.

Where is the Labia Minora Plasty surgery performed?

  • Dr. Vitasna is performing her surgical procedures in the Hospital’s state- of-the-art Operating Room of where pretty much all cosmetic operations are performed. However, we consider that the level of privacy is definitely more assured.

Just how long does the Labia Minora Plasty procedure take?

  • Labiaplasty at our Hospital generally will take one or two hours which depends on whether it is an individual Labiaplasty procedure or possibly if further cosmetic surgeries are going to be carried out. For this reason most of our patients travel in and thus recuperate in Bangkok.
  • Severe pain may be an indication of complication; such as the hematoma, therefore you need to get in touch with us immediately. Our away from state clients, can nevertheless take pleasure in the spectacular splendor along with the events right here in Bangkok, after the surgical treatment. However, you cannot go swimming and dipping in the sea until you are fully healed.

At this time will there be scarring from Labia Minora Plasty?

  • The kind of tissues, which are usually reduced, should not significantly scar, Unlike found in other areas of the body system, for instance, the facial skin. Our technique is basically to work on some part of the mucosa. This is similar to the tissues inside your mouth area, and it should not relatively scar.
  • Moreover, Dr. Vitasna’s suturing method as a special technique should not make an obvious scar mark.

 Will sexual pleasures possibly be altered after Labia Minora Plasty?

  • Sexual feelings and thoughts after a Labiaplasty are dependent on the extent of the labia malformation to start out with. In the event that excessive labia tissues interferes with intimate/ sexual activity just before Labiaplasty, then you definitely along with your partner may very well recognize improvements after surgical treatment.

 Is there a technique to modify the shade of my Labia Minora as well as surrounding area?

  • This will certainly depend upon the actual problem area; nevertheless, several times shade alterations could possibly be made. This could be done with Labiaplasty.

Does Dr. Vitasna perform “Laser Labia Minora Plasty”?

  • This simply means that trimming is performed with a LASER, which she is going to discuss with you. There are certain benefits in utilizing the LASER; nevertheless, there can be drawbacks as well. After this is being explained, you would be granted the choice of LASER Labiaplasty, or not.
  • However we would like you to definitely be informed about both methods in greater detail prior to deciding. This review is most suitably talked over at the consultation due to the complexity of “LASER Labiaplasty”.

Just how long is the recovery after Labia Minora Plasty?

  • The majority of clients are up and about the evening after the surgical procedure. Nonetheless you need to minimize your activity, as not to bring about pressure and trauma on the area of the Labiaplasty. Sexual activity could generally be resumed 4-6 weeks after Labiaplasty.

How can I get in touch with you for a virtual consultation for Labia Minora Plasty?

  • You can do this simply by email, making use of our form page where you can send digital pictures. Make sure you submit snapshots with your digital camera, not including features, which could recognize you . This is of great help for individuals who make a long distance trip for Labiaplasty to our Hospital.

If you would like to find out more about Labia Minora Plasty, or FAQs about Labia Minora Plasty. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.