Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

We have had the privilege of attending the 6th Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS 2011).  On November 6-7, 2011, in the beautiful Sonoran deserts of Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Suchai, one of our full-time physicians in the Center and Ms. Manilou, one of our staff nurse attended the meeting with me.

6th Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS) By Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, M.D., RTCOG

The meeting brought the physicians all over the world to share their ideas and procedures for the development of the Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery. The speakers, renowned experts from all over the globe were brilliant. They were eager to share their passion, experience and knowledge. The meeting had a friendly and academic atmosphere.

Specialty practices were represented from gynecology, urogynecology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, medico-legal, marketing, photography and Search Engine Optimization. These brought a broad of the specialty, which are very relevant to our learning and understanding of the procedures and the development of our surgical abilities and capabilities.

Remembering thirteen years ago with labiaplasty with hoodectomy as my first case in this field, I had doubts, afraid of the malpractices I might be confronting. I found my own way to deal with complications. As a result of careful and meticulous surgical experience, I was heading towards success.

Through the 6th Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery ‘s meeting, we gained a new respect for this field and certainly increased our confidence that our procedures, techniques and practices at the Cosmetic Gynecology Center in Yanhee International Hospital can be considered as ‘World-Class’ and goes beyond excellent expectations within the spectrum of functional and aesthetic challenges.

We look forward to developing a successful aesthetic practice and focus on surgical excellence and offer the best compassionate care. With this, we have been invited to share our ideas and surgical techniques in the next Annual Congress 2012 in Las Vegas. We are proud to represent Yanhee International Hospital to the international level.

Dr. Ismael Naypa, our International Manager, arranged the trip. We could not thank Dr. Supot Sumritvanicha (Yanhee International Hospital CEO) enough who willingly supported and financed this invaluable trip. 

Here are some of our photos :

 6th Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS)

Dr. Red Alinsod, Chairman of the CAVS 2011

 6th Annual Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS)

Dr. Vitasna, Head of The Cosmetic Gynecology Center 
of Yanhee International Hospital attended the CAVS 2011 with Dr. Suchai