Complications of Labia Majora Reconstruction

Complications of Labia Majora Reconstruction

Risks and Complications of the Labia Majora Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection)Risks and Complications of the Labia Majora Reconstruction (post silicone injection), pain around the surgical wound may be felt as soon as the anesthetic wears off. You should refrain from working to avoid more bruise and severe pain. Should you experience more pain, please do not be hesitant to come to see Dr. Vitasna.

Occasionally, you may experience itchiness, irritation, or tension around the surgical wound, which will completely heal in 4-6 weeks.

1) Complications of Labia Majora Reconstruction, because of abnormal bleeding after the surgery

  • Using small dissolving suture may lead to the risk of complications such as bleeding of the surgical wound.
  • Abnormal bleeding after the surgery, which may occurs with less than 1 % of the surgeries. Aspirin and other anti-coagulant drugs should be avoided at least 10-15 days before and after the scheduled surgery.
  • If excessive bleeding from the surgical wound occurs after the surgery, all expenses for the treatment, will no longer be charged to you. However, if the bleeding or other complications occur due to your non-compliance with the doctor’s orders, you will be charged accordingly.

2) Complications of Labia Majora Reconstruction, because of Inflammation or infection after the surgery

  • Infection of the wound may occur because the surgical wound is closed to the vaginal opening area constantly being prone to contamination with the fluid from the vaginal tract, the urinary tract and the alimentary (fecal) tract.
  • Mostly, the infection after the surgery happens to women, who fail to follow the instructions, follow the instructions incorrectly And who have existing diseases such as diabetes, or have vaginal infection before the surgery.
  • About the complications of Labia Majora Reconstruction after the surgery. These complications include; rough wound edge, asymmetrical Labia Majora, and/or incomplete removal of the Silicone. Becase ofhis depends on the amount of silicone injected.
  • The wound deformation, suture mark (scar), or wound disruption leading to abnormal bleeding from the surgical wound.
  • During theof healing, which last up to 2-4 weeks after the surgery There is moisture from the vaginal discharge in the surgical wound area. the  necrosis can be observed. This should not be a cause of worry, because it may happen in a process of healing of the surgical wound.
  • After the surgery, some women may experience curd like discharge as a result of vaginal fungal infection. This possibly following taking antibiotic to avoid post-operative infection, and needing oral anti-fungal medication or suppository.


This surgery has limitations and cannot absolutely ensure results and satisfaction. The surgery may result in incomplete symmetrical or non-proportional of the Labia Majora. Because there are many other factors influencing the complications of labia majora reconstruction. In case of unsatisfactory results, correction surgery may be performed as appropriate and possible. In this respect, you and the physician should come to discuss for the solution together.

Check-up: Dr. Vitasna usually requires you to come for a follow up check-up 1-2 weeks after the Labia Majora Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.