Review Surgery of TVT-O

Review Surgery of TVT-O

Review Surgery of TVT-O for Correction Stress Urinary Incontinence 

Review Surgery of TVT-O by CV, Thailand, September 2011

Review Surgery of TVT-ODear Dr. Vitasna It has been two months after I had a TVT-O surgery performed by you. I would like to thank you for your kind and friendly suggestions as well as for sharing all the information and knowledge. I needed to know about the problem of women with stress urinary incontinence.

Before discussing with you, I did not know that involuntary leakage of urine was so common among women or even some men. For many years, I used to become a social recluse and in some occasions, not wanting to play sports or jogging for fear of embarrassment and ridicule. It was difficult to share my problem with friends or seek help from a specialist. You have clearly answered all my questions both pre and post operations which made me understand my expectations.

After the TVT- O Surgery, I am extremely happy with the result. No more worries, no more leakage. So I wish to express my appreciation to you for being such a professional surgeon on my TVT- O case. I will certainly refer and recommend those sufferers  to come and discuss with you about it.