The Opening of the Cosmetic Gynecology Center (The Intimate Beauty Center)

 The Opening of Best Intimate Beauty Center

 The Opening of the Best Cosmetic Gynecology Center for women on April 22, 2013

Beauty is an individual matter. Each one has her own taste of beauty. But would you choose the one that suits the taste of your lover to create more happiness in your marriage life although you have to sacrifice with pain in return? Doing cosmetic surgery on the face, breast or hip is a normal matter in the present Thailand society and there are an increasing number of specialists. The first Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery Center of the world was established in the United States of America, according to the increasing demand on sexual confidence improvement among women.

Yanhee International Hospital has opened the Cosmetic Gynecology Center (The Intimate Beauty Center)

 Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, the CEO of Yanhee International Hospital disclosed that the hospital is seriously preparing for the implementation of the new international policy on Trade Facilitation Support for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. As part of its preparations for this, the hospital has launched the Cosmetic Gynecology Center, targeting women in both the local and international scene as its ardent consumers.  

The CEO of Yanhee International Hospital said that 17 years ago, Obstetrics Gynecology Department of Yanhee International hospitals in Thailand have found that most women worry and lack confidence because they are not satisfied with their appearance. The records found that female patients have visited the doctors for consultation about their conditions such as enlarged labia minora, bulging labia majora, dark vagina, stress urinary incontinence, and relaxed vaginal canal. When physicians discovered that women were paying more attention and concern for their own sexual appearance, new treatments, techniques and methods were developed: Labia Minora Plasty, Labia Majora Lift, and Vaginal Repair. The satisfaction and confidence that women experience after undergoing the procedures have been told from women to women.

The CEO of Yanhee International Hospital also said that ladies often lack confidence during the sexual activities. They are afraid to show their private parts but after the procedures, their confidence and happiness in marriage are restored. Patient statistics from different countries include: 80% Thai and the other 20% is from Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.

Yanhee International Hospital has sent their physicians to study and train in the leading specialized institutes in the United States, and Europe to respond to the needs of the patients. The reason for this is the aim of the hospital to provide specialists having adequate professional proficiency in the center. Now the Center has 3 administrative physicians: Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, Dr. Suchai Tanthawichian, and Dr. Amnart Techowanit.

Cosmetic Gynecology Center (The Intimate Beauty Center) of Yanhee International Hospital

We have done more than 20,000 Cosmetic Gynecological Surgeries using the latest and the best medical laser technology. The hospital is also the first hospital in Thailand that uses Laser technology in Cosmetic Gynecological surgeries. One of the important innovations presented was the latest technology, the Incisionless Laser Vagina Tightening procedure that leads to no complications or side effects.

Services provided in the Cosmetic Gynecology Center are: the Labia Minora Plasty, modifying the size and shape of the labia minora, and relieve pain caused by friction with underwear and skin-tight pants. Clitoral Hood Reduction; reduces the size of the clitoral hood and alleviate problems during sexual activities, Hymenoplasty; this treatment was developed for a woman who had her hymen torn, and Vaginal Repair Surgery; this procedure tightens prolapsed vagina caused by vaginal delivery.

For Yanhee Cosmetic Gynecology Center, 90% of patients that come and talk to our specialists do any of the surgeries after consultation. Diabetes, Hypertension, and other diseases may be the reason for the 10% who are not suited for the procedures and may need further treatment.

The recovery period for Labia Majora Plasty, Labia Minora Plasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction is 1 month and 2 months for Vaginal Repair procedures. Then after, patients can engage in sexual intercourse.

An important problem is the shyness of Thai people to seek medical help and get embarrassed by the physician from being told that they are engrossed in sexual activities. However, sex is a natural matter. It is a part of a married life and if a woman does not pay sufficient attention, it may lead to unfaithfulness of the man. This is a thing that the hospital cares about, to bring happiness to lovers.

Cosmetic Gynecology Center (The Intimate Beauty Center) of Yanhee International Hospital plays a major role in Thailand Medical Tourism development by providing services through Cosmetic Gynecology surgery. This is successful because of the excellent performance by trained and experienced specialists in doing Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery who are top rank in Asia.

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