VA, Australia… Dear Dr. Vitasna, I just want to say Thank you for your outstanding work. I had my labiaplasty originally with you in February 2011 and you performed a repair Feb 2012 after some stitches came unstuck following the original surgery. The final result is amazing and I could not be happier now.

In fact I would love to see my before photo if you are able to email? The end result looks totally natural and after the clitoral hood reduction I do find I am able to experience greater level of pleasure now. Thank you so much.

I am very grateful to have been able to have you as my surgeon. You took the extra time necessary during the surgery to correct the large asymmetry between my labia. Now, no one would ever guess that I wasn’t born this way!

I am so much more confident in myself as before I really disliked the appearance and felt embarrassed. I am also more comfortable in my underwear and can wear whatever underpants I like. I have attached a photograph. Please feel free to use on your website if you have my before pictures as I think the results are amazing! Thanks again.

PN, Denmark… I have had a very good experience at Yanhee hospital. Dr. Vitasna Ketglang is very professional and I felt in very good hands and assistant Irish were very helpful. My best recommendations.

 SF, Australia… Very happy with the result from labiaplasty by Dr. Vitasna. Childbirth had caused my inner labia to protrude and this caused discomfort when wearing tight clothing, bicycle, riding and horse riding. I also didn’t like how my labia looked.

The staff and nursing care provided at Yanhee Hospital is excellent so the surgery and recovery was trouble free. I would highly recommend Dr. Vitasna and Yanhee Hospital to anyone considering labiaplasty.

 HA, Oman… I am impressed with the service in Yanhee Hospital, and impressed with experience I found with the doctor and nurses in the Cosmetic Gynecology clinic. Very happy with the whole procedure and treatment. Happy with behavior with everybody in this clinic. So thanks a lot.

AA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates… I had a good idea that I came in this hospital because they have a good reception. My time was never wasted. Everybody assisted me in everything I need, the food, good medicines. Dr. Vitasna is very professional and gave all the information I needed for the surgery.

Most importantly, the result was very good and I’m very happy. I can compare because I had been to other hospitals and doctors before but this hospital is by far the best. Every staff is friendly and nice too which make the stay more comfortable.

The prices are also reasonable and not too expensive especially when you get the results you wanted. They are also interpreters who can help you all throughout the process when you have difficulty with language or communicating directly to them.

W, United States of America… I am beyond pleased with my experience at Yanhee hospital, Dr. Vitasna and all of the nursing staff. Everyone made me feel very warm and welcome during a procedure I was very nervous to do.

Staff is very helpful and speaks great English. I was taken care of very well during my over-night stay at the hospital & services needed that you could think of were provided and all inclusive of the price of the procedure. I was able to get the procedure done same day of consultation which was great since I came from out of the country and also provided me with a greater sense of anonymity than would have in my western country. Could not be happier with the end result of my procedure and the healing process is going even better, faster and less pain than expected.

AA, United Arab Emirates… Thanks for everything it’s good. The doctor speaks very nicely and the hospital is better than my country. The staffs go with the patients and assist them with all they need unlike in our country.

NR, Australia… I had surgery 11 days ago with Dr. Vitasna. I felt the surgery procedure was explained to me fully. All my questions & concerns were explained in fully. My care in Yanhee Hospital was excellent.

On this visit post-surgery, I am well and everything is healing well. Again every detail of my recovery has been explained & contact details given to me by nurse (Irish) if I have any unforeseen problems. So far I am completely satisfied with my care by Dr. Vitasna & nursing staff.

FM, South Africa… I arrived at Yanhee Hospital and I was impressed by their service. I was taken to International Counter & after having forms filled out, I was escorted to the OPD Cosmetic Gynecology section & met by friendly staff. All nurses were very friendly, efficient and helpful.

Dr. Vitasna examined me almost immediately. Dr. Vitasna is an extremely courteous, kind doctor who really helped me a lot. Irish my nurse interpreter was also very helpful. The OR staff were extremely kind & courteous as was the rest of the staff. The standard at Yanhee Hospital is extremely high & I will definitely refer others to it. Thank you.

JC, Australia… I had a labiaplasty & clitoral hood reduction performed by Dr. Vitasna Ketglang. The entire process made me feel like I was in good hand, the nurses & staff were always very friendly and helpful. Yanhee is a very nice, modern hospital and I was very pleased with the results of my surgery.

HA, Oman… Cosmetic Gynecology, what I can write about it. Thanks for Dr. Vitasna Ketglang and for all staffs. Everything was excellent. Dr. Vitasna made me laugh for life again. All staffs are lovable and friendly. And the hospital is very beautiful, quiet, and clean. Thanks for all

KH, Germany… I felt very comfortable and safe at Yanhee. Everyone was very kind and professional. The surgery went well without problems. I am glad that I chose Yanhee & Dr. Vitasna’s team for this surgery.

S, Cambodia… I do love Dr. Vitasna’s treatment and good consultant. The nurses and services are very good too.

EM, United States of America… The service was great. All the nurses made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Vitasna made me feel very relaxed and confident going into the procedure. I would recommend this hospital for any foreigner looking to have this procedure done overseas.

JS, United Kingdom… I had labiaplasty a few days ago and so happy with the results! I have wanted to do this procedure for a long time and it was a very smooth process, the doctor was amazing and would recommend definitely. Thank you so much for giving me more confidence about my body.

TR, England… Yanhee Hospital is outstanding hospital. Dr. Vitasna is a specialist surgeon who was very comprehensive during and after our consultation gave me all the information I asked for so I felt confident to go ahead with my surgery. I am looking forward to my results.

The staffs at Yanhee are incredible. I have been to hospitals all over the world USA-Europe-Asia and Yanhee is by far the best. The nursing team are amazing at their jobs this hospital is far ahead than others in so many ways. I would absolutely recommend this hospital for any OR surgery absolutely worth travelling the distance. I love everybody here! Thank you so much.

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