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1) Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery Procedures by Laser

2) Incisionless Cosmetic Gynecology Procedures


3) Urogynecology Surgery Procedures


1) Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery by Laser

The following are the Cosmetic Gynecology Procedures we are offering. Kindly click on it to learn more:

• Vaginoplasty

• Labiaplasty

• Perineoplasty

• Hymenoplasty

• Labia Majoraplasty

• Clitoral Hood Reduction

• Mons Pubis Reduction

• Mons Pubis Reconstruction

• Labia Majora Reconstruction

• Before – After Photos



3) Urogynecology Procedures

Urogynecology involves the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence and ..Read More>

1) TVT-O Technique

2) MiniArc Technique

3) Anterior Posterior Vaginal Repair 

4) Anterior Posterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh


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