Review Surgery of Labiaplasty

Review Surgery of Labiaplasty


Review Surgery of LabiaplastyReview Surgery of Labiaplasty from VA, Australia… Dear Dr. Vitasna, I just want to say Thank you for your outstanding work. I had my labiaplasty originally with you in February 2011 and you performed a repair Feb 2012 after some stitches came unstuck following the original surgery. The final result is amazing and I could not be happier now.

In fact I would love to see my before photo if you are able to email? The end result looks totally natural and after the clitoral hood reduction I do find I am able to experience greater level of pleasure now. Thank you so much.

I am very grateful to have been able to have you as my surgeon. You took the extra time necessary during the surgery to correct the large asymmetry between my labia. Now, no one would ever guess that I wasn’t born this way!

I am so much more confident in myself as before I really disliked the appearance and felt embarrassed. I am also more comfortable in my underwear and can wear whatever underpants I like. I have attached a photograph. Please feel free to use on your website if you have my before pictures as I think the results are amazing! Thanks again.



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