Surgery Review of A-P Vaginal Repair with Subtotal Hysterectomy

Surgery Review of A-P Vaginal Repair with Subtotal Hysterectomy

NS, Australia, April 19, 2010… Dr. Vitasna, first and foremost, I write this unreservedly and with my sincerest gratitude for your profound expertise, utmost patient respect and diligent guidance in the restoration of my health as a woman.

At the age of 40 I suffered a significant pelvic organ prolapse, and without private medical insurance in Australia, quickly discovered that the public waiting list for AP repair surgery and a hysterectomy could be as long as 3 years and as a self funded private patient could cost as much as $18,000AUD.

Driven by this, I was prompted to explore the options of surgery outside my home country and finding you was a true blessing. Your dedication to your specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics throughout your career was evident through the thousands of operations that have you have conducted and that have been recorded by the hospital.

This gave me complete confidence that under your care, I was in expert hands. The international coordination staff of the Yanhee International Hospital made communication with you easy and clear, all my questions were answered completely and promptly.

And within a couple of weeks I had my booking confirmation for my surgery. The total cost of my repair surgery and flights etc amounted to around a third of the cost in Australia. The day before my operation, I visited the hospital and was graciously given a “hospital tour” by my English speaking coordinator. I was extremely impressed with the staff, efficiency and overall cleanliness of the hospital.



As a last minute decision, I requested a consultation with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Suthat Koonawarote for a Mammoplasty and I was amazed at the fact that this was able to be organized and coordinated into my surgery that was scheduled for the very next day. The many testimonials that I had read from his Australian patients, and in fact from those all over the world, gave me great confidence in his expertise.

For the days I was hospitalized after my surgery, I feel compelled to thank both you and Dr. Suthat and the compassionate nursing staff on the 10th Floor. At all times I was treated kindly and with respect. Every step of the way, there was a staff member to assist me from making general inquiries, to booking accommodation and airport transfers.

If, in the future, there will ever be a need for a specialist doctor and surgery for any member of my family, there will be no hesitation to return to your hospital, as I truly believe that I could not have received better care and expertise anywhere else.

Dr. Vitasna, the Yanhee International Hospital and your patients are truly blessed to have such a dedicated and talented doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics and I sincerely thank you for taking me on as your patient.


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