FAQs about “Questions To Think About Before Undergoing Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures”

FAQs about “Questions To Think About Before Undergoing Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures”

By Lingo

Undergoing a cosmetic vaginal procedure is not quite an easy thing to decide. I came crossed over an article in the website www.sheknows.com entitled: “ Questions for a plastic surgery consultation”  and I thought:   “Well these same questions are very applicable for choosing which doctor should be performing my vaginal surgery !”


FAQs about "Questions To Think About Before Undergoing Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures"

Definitely, the right doctor for my vaginal surgery is not easy to find. I need an expert. I need a professional, caring doctor. There’s too much fuss going on about these surgeries these days and too much time is spent thinking who will be the best doctor to do the surgery. Forgetting to consider the hospital/ clinic’s facilities is a ‘no-no’.  It is equally important for me.

I fully understand and knew too well that I can’t take back the bits and pieces that will be taken off from my humungous, labia minora that had been bothering me for centuries. A once in a lifetime experience for me and there’s no turning back now, crazy but it’s true.

Considering the ten questions from the article I read, here is a set of very similar, if not almost the same questions I will certainly ask myself and maybe the doctor, before deciding to undergo a very delicate and complex surgery.


Question #1

  • Is the doctor who will do the vaginal surgery board certified and which board (Gynecology/ Urogynecology)?
  • Does the governing medical board of his/her country recognize the board?

Question #2

  • What percentage of his/ her practice is cosmetic vaginal surgery? For how long has he/she been practicing the procedures?

Question #3

  • How many surgeries do he/ she perform every month?

Question #4

  • Does the hospital give privileges for procedures that may have possible complications?

Question# 5

  • Has the doctor ever been disciplined by any hospital or medical certifying board?

Question # 6

  • What complications usually occur in the doctor’s practice and how often?

Question #7

  • Does the doctor perform the entire surgery?

Question #8

  • Is the facility where the surgery takes place appropriately licensed and accredited?

Question #9

  • What is the principal policy of the clinic or the hospital in case of complications and revisions?

Question #10

  • Are there any non-surgical alternatives that I should consider?

These are relevant questions to consider. The doctor or I should answer all of the questions positively. Then I can cast my fears aside and have my vaginal surgery done! 

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