About G-Spot Existence

About G-Spot Existence

About G-Spot Existence, It became one of the most intellectually-stimulating topics on the female sexual expression field. There is indirect scientific data, which strongly support the physical presence of the G-spot. A very thoughtful scientific contribution to the challenging dilemma of the G-spot was the fact that the stimulation of the G-spot resulted in an approximately 50% swelling of the anterior distal vaginal wall and provided high levels of sexual arousal with a powerful orgasm.

About G-Spot Existence, many attempts have been made to establish the anatomic existence, location, and size of the G spot.

  • The G spot gene has been identified and has been already incorporated into the Affymetrix GeneChip. The vaginal electric activities (the electrovaginogram) documented that a pacemaker was positioned to exist at the upper vagina.
  • This finding suggested that the vaginal pacemaker seemed to represent the G-spot, which women reported as a small area of erotic sensitivity in the vagina. The ultrasonographic study postulated that clitoral bodies have a descending movement and come close to the distal (upper) anterior vaginal wall. This happens during a voluntary contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, and the anterior vaginal area demonstrates the particular sensitivity to stimulation corresponding to the G-spot location.

Professor Ostrzenski concluded that the anterior vaginal wall, up to the pubocervical fascia.

  • Most likely would not contain the G-spot and hypothesized that the G-spot maybe located deeper. Since it has been documented that stimulation of the anterior vaginal causes the vaginal wall to swell. Dr. Ostrzenski determined that this structure must consist of erectile tissues, which causes the anterior vaginal wall to swell.
  • Therefore, to test this hypothesis, the objective was established to dissect the anterior vaginal wall layer-by-layer. This was done to identify the existence of the G-spot. By exploring the space between the inferior surface of the pubocervical fascia and superior surface of the dorsal perineal membrane.
  • Recently, Professor Ostrzenski’s anatomic study documented that the G-spot creates a 350 angle between the urethra. The lower pole being positioned 3 mm from the urethra, and the upper pole being situated 15 mm from the urethra with the length of 8.1 mm. The G-spot is located much more deeply than it was previously postulated. It is a well-defined and uniform structure within a sack and the G-spot appeared to be erectile tissue.

Excerpted from Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, Advanced Cosmetic Gynecology Workshop : “About G-Spot Existence: Indirect Documentation”. On January 26 – 29, 2012, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

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 About G-Spot Existence: Indirect Documentation

Dr. Vitasna is receiving her certificates from Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.d., DrHab.