The Labiaplasty Techniques 1

Difference between the Simple Edge Excision Technique, Wedge Technique, and Modified Wedge Technique or Modified Edge Excision Technique of Labiaminora Plasty procedure:

The result of labiaplasty surgery depends upon many things beyond the surgical technique:

  • bullet_tick1) Aptitude for healing and its processes.
  • bullet_tick2) Skin quality of the patient’s labia tissue.
  • bullet_tick3) How much she endorses the surgeon to do.
  • bullet_tick4) Her expectations and ability to communicate them.
  • bullet_tick5) And the degree to which she is satisfied with the surgery.
  • bullet_tick6) What the patient’s normal anatomical structure is at the start.

Simple Edge Excision Technique

  • bullet_tickRemoves the delicate margin of the labia minora which is an advantage for patients who want the pigmented tissues removed. This procedure is effective for very long and enlarged labia minora and no excessive clitoral hood tissue.
  • bullet_tickThis technique is less likely to cause complications. Excessive reduction may cause chronic pain during sexual intercourse.


Before Surgery for Simple Edge Excision Technique


Before Surgery for Simple Edge Excision Technique


 After Surgery for Simple Edge Excision Technique

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