Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) 1

Human error such as over injection and improper positioning of the Silicone in the Mons Pubis can cause severe disfigurement and a lifetime of emotional pain. Mons Pubis reconstruction may help alleviate women’s intimate problem.

  • shutterstock_328091582bullet_tickMany unsatisfied women come to our Center to discuss their post silicone injection concerns. During our consultations, we try to explain that even if the procedure was performed flawlessly, complications usually arise due to the fact that an unnatural substance (silicone) is embedded in your tissues.
  • bullet_tickOur bodies naturally degenerate as we age; silicone does not do so in the same manner. Permanent fillers, like silicone, do not decompose like normal tissues do, thus problems and complications may arise at any given time.
  • bullet_tickA woman who has had the silicone injected can be properly removed only by surgical intervention. The removal of injected silicone is quite time consuming and difficult. Silicone tends to form micro-beads that lodge themselves deep within skin tissues. Completely removing every particle is nearly impossible.
  • bullet_tickThe only true way to remove portions of the injected silicone is to directly excise the affected tissues. Removal of injected silicone from the Mons Pubis requires patience, precision, training, and experience.
  • bullet_tickSilicone removal surgeries vary from case to case. Every woman is injected with different quantities and in different locations. Some women require more excision than others. For this type of surgery, it is best to have your personal situation assessed by consultation.

Because of technological advances, Cosmetic Gynecology Surgeries involving the use of laser have been utilized in Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection). Advantages of laser over old conventional scalpel procedure include; less blood loss, less risk of vessel and tissue damage, precise and accurate surgical wound control, quicker recovery time, and better overall results.

General Notes & Precautions

1) Important points to consider about the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection)

  • bullet_tickThe Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) is a very difficult and tedious cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon must determine where most of the silicone injections have settled and what tissue (s) needs to be excised; this takes time, precision, and patience. Many cosmetic surgeons do not perform this type of surgery or are not very familiar with the technique used. There are more surgeons willing to inject silicone than there are willing to remove it.
  • bullet_tickThe Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) is not allowed for women with immunodeficiency. In addition, the surgical procedure is not recommended unless you have a discussion with your spouse because this may lead to problems, and misunderstandings caused by refraining from sexual intercourse for quite a time.
  • bullet_tickThe Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) has limitations and cannot absolutely ensure satisfactory results, because there are so many factors affecting the surgery’s success. After the injected silicone is removed, you may require an additional cosmetic surgical surgery to improve your overall genital appearance. If an additional surgery is necessary, expenses for services and treatment will be charged accordingly. If an additional surgery results in complications such as bleeding or wound separation, all expenses for services and treatment will no longer be charged to you.
  • bullet_tickThe important preparations you should know before the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) are that within 5-7 days after the surgery you should take a rest (refrain from work) and be still to enable the wound to heal faster. Have little movement as possible to avoid wound disruption for 1-2 weeks after the surgery. You should refrain from some types of strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse for at least 6-8 weeks after the surgery.
  • bullet_tickThe Mons Pubis Reconstruction (Post Silicone Injection) is performed in our operating room for approximately 2-3 hours under General Anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. You have to refrain from drinking water or food for at least 6 hours prior to the surgery in order to decrease the risk of aspirating gastric contents during or after the surgery. This complication is very serious, and you need to strictly follow our recommendations.
  • bullet_tickThe Mons Pubis Reconstruction (Post Silicone Injection) is one of the most meticulous and tedious cosmetic procedures performed today. It requires extreme precision and patience to achieve the optimal results a woman desires. Many surgeons have little to no experience with this type of cosmetic treatment. It is important you do your research and make wise decisions as you are dealing with the most delicate part of the female body. You should be aware of the doctor’s educational background, training, and practical experience.

2) Before the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection)

  • bullet_tickPrior to the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection), you will be invited to a pre-operative consultation room, where you will be evaluated for surgery. You will be received by a member of the nursing staff in our Center, who will make inquiries regarding your previous medical history as well as arrange for your vital signs such as temperature, respiration, blood pressure, and pulse. In case of existing diseases or drug allergies, please inform the medical staff before the consultation. You should prepare and take with you any pills or treatment medications, you are currently taking.
  • bullet_tickYou can possibly have the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection) done on the day of your consultation depending on the availability of Dr. Vitasna’s schedule. Otherwise, you may book for a possible surgery on the day of your consultation. This you may do through online pre-consultation and arrangement. It is best to undergo the surgery after your period. It is not advisable to do the surgery just before the period starts or during the period.
  • bullet_tickA staff nurse will usher you to a treatment room, where Dr. Vitasna will investigate your health history, and conduct both a general check-up and internal check-up. After the examination and assessment, you will discuss with Dr. Vitasna about your expectations and concerns. She will then explain to you about the methods (or techniques), processes of the Mons Pubis Reconstruction (post improper silicone injection), some potential post-operative risks and complications prior to decision-making. You may also be asked about your expectations for the surgery and if you have any allergies or any condition that wouldn’t make you a good candidate for the surgery as well as other additional inquiries.
  • bullet_tickAfter you have chosen the best alternative for your case, prices and quotes will be written down with you. —This ends your consultation.

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