THE GURU : Dr. Vitasna as Guru of Cosmetic Gynecology

THE GURU : Dr. Vitasna as Guru of Cosmetic Gynecology

Dr. Vitasna Ketglang was interviewed by Appeal Magazine on December, 2013


The doctor who brings back youthfulness to the vagina.

 Dr. Vitasna as Guru of Cosmetic GynecologyLadies love to constantly take care of her skin, face, and breasts, and make them youthful in appearance. The vagina is one thing a lady should pay particular attention to. Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery is becoming more popular in Thailand now, and it is important that the doctor would make the patient understand the advantages and the disadvantages of the surgery.

A doctor does not only desire the benefits of the business but also considers the safety of the patient. This is the objective of Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, Head of the Cosmetic Gynecology Center of Yanhee International Hospital and the President of the Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society, who upholds this good doctor’s principle.

The Beginning of Interest in Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery

When I was a medical student, I was more interested in improving my surgical skills. I thought that Obstetrics and Gynecology is the field that I like. It is a science that does not have much difference with General Surgery combined with Internal Medicine. Obstetrics and Gynecology focuses on surgical skills and I have developed my skills using the scalpel through Caesarean Section and other Gynecologic procedures, always remaining full of care due to the complications may occur.

After I graduated, I paid out my scholarship by working in a hospital in the province. That was my chance to train with a General surgeon who was the Director of the Hospital in the province. I practiced doing the Caesarean Section procedures and accumulated experience. Then I worked in a private hospital for 1 year. During that time, Yanhee hospital was founded and was popular for Plastic Surgery and there was only one male doctor in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Yanhee needed one female doctor and Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha gave me the chance to work with Yanhee International Hospital.

Focusing on Work and Care of details

When I started to work with Yanhee, I worked for both the Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Cosmetic Gynecology departments. This included doing Caesarean Section surgeries, Hysterectomy, Labiaplasty, Uterine Prolapse, and Vaginal Repair.

Three years later, there was an increase in the number of patients. There were many cases presenting to the hospital, and the results may not be completely satisfactory. However I wanted to pay attention to each case and provide the best procedures for surgery so I decided to do only Cosmetic Gynecology and did not accept Caesarean Section procedure as I did not want to hurry and pressure myself.  In some cases I may be called upon to perform surgeries that include Prenatal Care, Cancer Checking, Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery, and Tumor Removal.

Ten years later, the number of cases in Cosmetic Gynecology has increased greatly: Mostly Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgery, including both Labiaplasty and vaginal surgery. One of my teachers once said that, “ If one doctor has 2 Anterior-Posterior Vaginal Repair cases a month, 24 cases per year, 240 cases for ten years, that would already mean a lot. But in 6 years, I had 900 Anterior-Posterior Vaginal Repair cases for Pelvic Relaxation and with other cases I had a combined almost 10,000 cases. I have worked 14-15 years until now. I would like to thank the patients who honor me and the hospital. I have not been born with fame. I got the chance to work and progress here until I have had the chance to open the Cosmetic Gynecology Center to provide a service earnestly to patients.”

Certified by Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR®) Institute of America

“We all know that Cosmetic Gynecology surgery in Thailand is ongoing for a long time. In other foreign countries, the procedure grows and new technologies are introduced. The reputation of the hospital and the specialist is not enough.

We should bring new technology and upgrade. We should also learn new techniques to help patients and perform surgery safely. Yanhee International Hospital sent me to learn with the Master of Vaginal Repair, Dr. David Matlock. United States of America (USA) has new and better technology. I acquired many techniques especially with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR ®) technique.”

Challenges with What Women Want

I would say that challenges in the past years are different from now. The last 10 years, I have to try to make the patient accept to undergo the surgery without being afraid of the side effects or complications. She has to understand that after the surgery, gauze isn’t applied on the wound so she will have bleeding, and she will have difficulty in walking and urination. I have to make the patient understand very carefully.

But now, the challenge is how to improve my skills to prevent postoperative complications because most of the patients find information from the internet before coming to me. In my many experiences I understand that I cannot control patients to avoid the pressure on the surgical area, coughing, or sneezing after the surgery. On the other hand, I have to suture carefully and improve my suturing skills.

Current Technology Used in Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery

Laser Technology is not new in General Surgery but is new for Cosmetic Gynecology surgery such as Vaginal Surgery, Labiaplasty, Incisionless Vaginal Tightening, and Stress Urinary Incontinence in diabetes patients, and overweight patients who cannot undergo surgery using a scalpel.

Patients can run their life normally by doing Incisionless Laser surgery but the procedure has limitations and patients have to come back every year. Thus the costs are very high.

Furthermore, groin and labia whitening can be achieved by using Laser as well.

Dr. Vitasna as Guru of Cosmetic Gynecology

I have heard this statement before, but I do not think that I am a Guru. I cannot be a doctor without the many teachers who taught me and I still cannot say that I am a Guru. Thank you, I am honored. I especially thank my Guru Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha who stays in the 14th floor, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yanhee International Hospital, who believes in me and has given me the chance to be where I am today.

Method, Standpoint, Slogan which you follow

Every time I am working, I always plan. If a patient comes for consultation, I think of what to do with the case. I also review every case even after surgery.

I do the surgery with refinement, I pay attention to every detail, and I do it professionally, and consider every patient as family. Now I am 50 years old, my dream is to be stable and be a good doctor, not only focusing on business.

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