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Cosmetic Gynecology

Labiaplasty and Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery are the fastest emerging growth trend in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. ….Read More>

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The key factors affecting the success of Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery

include both the physician and the patient. They are equally important in the success of Cosmetic Gynecology practice and helped me get through the surgeries, avoiding complications. ….Read More>

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Cosmetic Gynecology and its Complications

 Surgeons do their best to eliminate complications. However, all surgeries are associated with complications and this occurs even with the most experienced physicians. Many still oppose Cosmetic Gynecological procedures due to lack of long-term research on efficacy and risks on the subject. ….Read More>


Understanding the Female Structures of the Vulva

The vulva is the external portion of the female genitalia. This includes the Mons Pubis, the ‘skin folds’ or ‘lips’ (labia majora and labia minora), the Hymen, the clitoris, the urethral opening, and the vaginal entrance. ….Read More>


About Common Treatable Deformities of the Vulva

Women begin to recognize a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. They seek for understanding and to find solutions to their perceived/actual problems.Read More>

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About Vaginal Relaxation

Vaginal Relaxation occurs when the muscles and ligaments supporting women’s vagina are weakened. This is essentially when optimal vaginal structure integrity is lost.

Vaginal muscles become weak resulting in poor tone, strength, control, and support. The internal and external vaginal diameters may significantly increase in size. ….Read More>


Advanced Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecologic Workshops

Excerpted from Dr. Ostrzenski’s Advanced Gynecology Workshop :

“Fixing the Wide Vagina”, January 26 -29, 2012

At the Bay Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, America.

• Fixing the Wide Vagina

• About G-Spot Existence

• About Clitoral Hoodoplasty


If you decide to have a consultation with Dr. Vitasna, please call or e-mail a member of staff to make an appointment date for the surgery.

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