Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society



The Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society is composed of Surgeons and Physicians who have learned the importance of women taking part in their health care healthcare and make educated decisions about their intimate problems. The Society was organized and recognized on August 23, 2012.


Regulation of the Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1.

 The Society is named; The Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society, abbreviated as CGS.

Article 2.

The symbol of the Society is demonstrated as a woman’s part of the body from the waist to the knees with white shaped lines and characters written as The Thai Cosmetic on the first line, and Gynecology Society on the second line. The entire background is blue.






Article 3.

The Society is located at 39 Moo 11, Klong Nokkatung Sub-district, Banglen District, Nakhon Pathom Province. One of its branch offices is located in Yanhee International Hospital.

Article 4.

The objectives of the Society are follows.

4.1 To disseminate the correct body of knowledge regarding cosmetic gynecology to public.

4.2 To promote the exchange of knowledge of cosmetic gynecology covering the surgery technique standard, the patient’s safety, and the technology’s advancement for interested medical personnel.

4.3 To provide the learning of cosmetic gynecology by means of academic conferences, journals, Internet and different media channels.

4.4 To encourage a close relationship with other national and international organizations with similar objectives.

4.5 The Society is not involved in any political affair.


Officers of the Thai Cosmetic Gynecology Society

President: Ms. Vitasna Ketglang

Vice President: Mrs. Ladawadee Sumritvanitcha

Secretary: Ms. Jeeraporn Pograjang

Treasurer: Mrs. Sommai Tongpichai

Receptionist: Mrs. Jittra Klinchan

Registrar: Mrs. Penjan Wongtavornman

Public Relations Officer: Ms. Boonsri Phromduang