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IMG_2379CP, Australia, August 2014, Labiaplasty…Dr. Vitasna Ketglang and Nurses were very kind, attentive and professional. At all times I was made to feel at ease and not at all uncomfortable. I feel I was treated better here than I would have been in my own country. I love that I have the option to come back for correction surgery if need and Dr. Vitasna has not made me feel horrible or guilty about wanting to return at all. Dr. Vitasna has put my needs first and clearly wants me to be happy and that means the world to me. I am very pleased.

MJ, Australia, August 2014, Labiaplasty…Dear Yanhee Hospital, I have had the world class surgery. I have had the privilege to have had the life changing surgery by the world’s leading gynecological surgeon who is a pioneer and champion for women. After a third traumatic vaginal delivery, forceps, cutting and a prolapse and anal hemorrhoids, I was left with a medical condition that was hidden only known to me. As an attractive, sporty woman, I had to wear sanitary pads and had urinary incontinence. Thank God for Gorgeous Getaways, Paula Kerrin, who made it possible.  To Dr. Ketglang   – Thailand has her second Queen.  My Vagina is perfect – Beautiful – Healed. Thank you to the amazing Nursing Staff.

I wish you were in Australia, I will always be forever grateful. Hope to see you next year. Health, Happiness, Prosperity. Love always, MJ

VH, Australia, July 2014, Labiaplasty…Staff was wonderful from arrival at hospital everything was made clear and explained to us in detail. The kindness of the nurses and all the medical staff was very much appreciated. Fantastic doctor and we are very pleased with the results of the surgery. Dr. Vitasna is wonderful and I would recommend her to all.

DA, Australia, June 2014, Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening…After much research it was very clear that Dr. Vitasna is the world leader in Cosmetic Gynecology. After consulting with Dr. Vitasna I decided to go with her recommendations. I am so happy with the results and reassure anyone wanting these procedures that Dr. Vitasna and her staff; especially Evan Escamos will take care of your every need and ensure that you and they both understand your expectations. I have been looked after at Yanhee International Hospital better than I have ever been looked after in any hospital in Australia.

CN, Kazahkstan, June 2014, Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening…I really enjoyed my staying in this very nice hospital which truly corresponds to the highest medical standards. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Vitasna and her wonderful team, especially to the nurses Evan Escamos and Pi Jan. Dr. Vitasna performed a miracle – a very complex surgery. I so appreciate it. Wishing Dr. Vitasna and her wonderful team all the best.

CA, Singapore, February 2014, Labiaplasty…I am pleased with services rendered by Yanhee International Hospital, Cosmetic Gynecology Department. The doctor (Dr. Vitasna Ketglang) delivered what I had requested which will positively impact my life moving forward. The nurses were all warm and caring. I thoroughly enjoyed my hospital stay and look forward to coming back to Yanhee for other procedures (a bonus, I get a discount J) Keep up the good work!

CM, Australia, January 2014, Labiaplasty…Dr. Vitasna, You have done a great job! Thank you for taking care of me. Excellent doctor! Thanks to all the nurses who made me feel at home. The surgery was excellent I can say it is A++.

I recommend Dr. Vitasna and Yanhee International Hospital for the excellent services. I will come back for more surgeries and take some friends with me and spread the good news. 

CB, Ireland, January 2014, Labiaplasty…Overall very good experience at Yanhee International hospital. Nurses were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend the hospital to others.

KB, Australia, January 2014, Labiaplasty…I had an excellent experience at Yanhee Hospital. The whole Gynecology Team was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. I am very happy with the results of the procedure. The hospital stay was very good. Hotel-like rooms, good nutritious food, and attentive staff. Thanks Yanhee.

JC, New Zealand, November 16, 2013, Labiaplasty…Yanhee Hospital is an excellent Hospital, the staff very kind, professional and friendly. My surgeon was Dr. Vitasna and she was amazing, and made me relax and trust her instantly. Overall, nice hospital and would definitely recommend to anyone considering the surgery I had.

 TF, Australia, October 9, 2013, Labiaplasty…I’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Vitasna and her team at Yanhee Hospital for their amazing work. I’ve had the best results I could have ever asked for. I have never been so well looked after.

Right from the beginning, Dr. Vitasna and her team explained everything so well to me and she listened to what I wanted and understood all my queries and helped me with advise.

Dr. Vitasna is a miracle worker! The surgery went perfectly and the results are better than I could have dreamed especially because I was a challenging case, but I know I have a perfect vagina! Such an amazing surgeon, and the team of nurses helped me every step at the way anything I wanted or needed during my time at Yanhee.

So professional, I’ll definitely be returning to Yanhee for anything else I need and can happily recommend Dr. Vitasna to anyone and everyone who is considering Labiaplasty. Amazing. Thank you so much.

Please use any part /all of these testimonials you need–so happy to tell the world about my amazing experience. Thanks again. Xxx

LVJ, Russia, October 9, 2013, Labiaplasty…I am healing well and feeling better, still taking it easy though.  I am looking forward to 100%. Dr. Vitasna has done such a great job I am very impressed and would highly recommend her and you all to anyone. Take care.

JM, Australia, October 2013, Labiaplasty… I am very pleased with the surgery and my results. Dr. Vitasna is a very nice lady and I’d recommend her to all my friends for surgery. Overall, our stay here was very good. Thank you.

SS, France, March 12, 2013, Vaginoplasty…Endless thanks to Dr. Vitasna, not only that she is competent, she is also nice and a good human being, plus she is beautiful. A thousand thanks to the nurses and the exceptional team.

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