Post-Operative Care Instructions for Labia Minora Reduction

 1. Post-operative processes after the Labia Minora Reduction

  • shutterstock_80438218 - Copybullet_tickYou may experience dizziness caused by the Intravenous (IV) Sedation or the General Anesthesia, so you should take a rest until recovery.
  • bullet_tickAfter the Labia Minora Reduction, a Foley catheter may be inserted to avoid the retention of urine especially for 1-2 days after the surgery. You will be monitored for 1-2 hours at recovery room. When you are conscious with normal vital sign, the anesthesiologist will allow you to be monitored in the Inpatient Building. 
  • bullet_tickIn the Inpatient Building you will get an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and an acetaminophen, as prescribed by Dr. Vitasna. If the acetaminophen does not work, you will be injected analgesic medicine for pain relief. You should take a rest to monitor and reduce pain and inflammation around the surgical wound.
  • bullet_tickWithin 1-2 days after the Labia Minora Reduction, applying a cold pack (s) to the general surgical site to decrease swelling is possible. A cold pack with ice in a plastic bag is not recommended because the moisture and steam from the plastic bag may potentially cause inflammation and infection.
  • bullet_tickWithin 1-2 days after Labia Minora Reduction, you are expected to be able to walk. Dr. Vitasna will ensure that 1) no abnormal bleeding from the surgical wound occurs and 2) you can urinate by yourself after the catheter removal, as well as 3) you are asked to review post-operative care instructions. Then Dr. Vitasna will allow you to return home.

2. Water contact & Post-operative home care instructions after the Labia Minora Reduction

  • bullet_tickAt home, you must take an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory drug to lessen the wound pain, and an acetaminophen, especially the antibiotic should be wholly completed.
  • bullet_tickWithin 1-2 days after the Labia Minora Reduction, you should not take a shower which may potentially cause infection–perhaps rub the body dry. After rub the body dry, a blow dryer may be used to dry the surgical area for at least 10-15 minutes to keeping the area dry.
  • bullet_tickAfter 1-2 days of the Labia Minora Reduction, you are allowed to take a quick shower, you should clean the surgical wound and the perineum area with soap daily, when you are taking a shower in the morning and before bedtime. Continue to use a warm dryer for 10-15 minutes around the surgical wound after you took a shower in the morning and before bedtime to keep the area dry. This you have to continue for at least one more week.
  • bullet_tickWithin 2-3 days after the Labia Minora Reduction, you should take a rest (refrain from work) and be still to enable the wound to heal faster, and have little movement as possible to avoid wound disruption.
  • bullet_tickYou may experience light reddish bleeding out of the surgical wound in around 1-2 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction, and you should use a sanitary napkin to monitor the bleeding. In case of excessive bleeding or reddish blood clot, swollen wound and high fever, please contact the Center immediately for suggestions or come to see Dr. Vitasna for the surgical wound examination.
  • bullet_tickWithin 2 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction, cleaning the surgical wound and the perineum area after urinary excretion may be done with sanitary wipes (-Do not use the tap water, because we want the surgical area as dry as possible-) and after fecal excretion done using water and toweling gently. You should try to avoid moisture around the surgical wound as to keep the area dry to let it heal faster.
  • bullet_tickYou may have all kinds of food but should refrain from alcoholic drinks, pickled food, and smoking for about 2 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction.
  • bullet_tickAfter the Labia Minora Reduction, you may experience itching or green-curd like discharge as a result of vaginal fungi, possibly following taking antibiotic to avoid post-operative infection, and needing oral anti-fungal medication or suppository.

3. Recovery Period after the Labia Minora Reduction

  • bullet_tickRecovery varies individually. A day after the Labia Minora Reduction, you can move around, but you should refrain from work and other vigorous activities for 2-3 days after the surgery. You may return to work after 2-3 days of the surgery. Moreover, you should follow the physician’s appointment for follow up examination or treatment.
  • bullet_tickWithin 2 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction, tissues are beginning to produce and form new blood capillaries and the surgical wound are expected to start healing. You may start your daily activities gradually.
  • bullet_tickWithin 2-4 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction, the surgical wound is expected to heal appropriately and you may start your usual activities gradually. Strenuous physical activities should be limited.
  • bullet_tickAfter 4 weeks of the Labia Minora Reduction, you may resume your usual activities. Relaxing exercises and lifting light weights are permitted. However, you should refrain from running, soaking in the bathtub, swimming, heavy lifting, cycling, other heavy activities, and sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

4. Suture removal after the Labia Minora Reduction

  • bullet_tickThe material used is the suture which dissolves slowly (within 4-6 weeks). However, for some women, the suture takes longer than 4-6 weeks to completely dissolve, consequently causing irritation. For women who experience itching caused by the dissolving sutures and the process of healing, Dr. Vitasna prescribes antihistamine to control the itching.

5. Appointment after the Labia Minora Reduction

  • bullet_tickDr. Vitasna will have a post-operative appointment in 1-2 weeks after the Labia Minora Reduction or as appropriate. Please do not hesitate to contact uwith any questions or concerns.